Auto Diagnostics

What is Automotive Diagnostics?
Automotive diagnostics software connects with your vehicle's engine control computer to provide real-time diagnostics and troubleshooting data. Auto diagnostics software can reset the check engine light in the dash, pull trouble codes stored in the engine’s computer, and narrow down potential causes for problems. It is a useful tool for automotive maintenance.

Why are Automotive Diagnostics Important?

Automotive diagnostics allows our technicians to trouble shoot the problem occurring in your car before ever cracking the hood.  This will save you time and money by not having to suffer through unnecessary work that may not fix your problem, but will surely hurt your pocket.
We are one of the few auto repair shops in town offering this service!

Dilday Automotive and Marine is one of the premier Automotive Diagnostic Centers in Blue Springs, MO. 

We are so well known for our expertise in this field, several auto repair businesses have sent their clients to us for auto diagnostics when their mechanics cannot identify the problem.

Diagnostic Services Offered:
        -Automotive diagnostic
-Marine diagnosis
·        -Computer Diagnostics
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